Dos and Don’ts of a Professional CV (REVEALED)

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What part of the year do you think companies recruit? Why? Still Thinking?…….Lol….. You want to win my Sharwarma + Chicken and Chips by all means? 5 seconds More…… Time up…. Lemme help you out.

 They recruit at the beginning of the year and in the middle of the year!!!! Shocked! Yes! That’s when they recruit. The first thing they do is check their CV vault and/or ask internal staffs if they have got any qualified person, if still No, then they place adverts which you and me see most times very late. Why do they recruit at this time, because its end of the year and they need new strategies from fresh graduates like you to come work and as partners and improve what they have on ground already, also regarding remuneration, it’s going to be a fresh pay and not disrupt maybe at the third month or so.

In this write up I will be showing you some Dos and Don’ts of a Professional CV. The first you should have in mind is that they (The Company don’t know you from Adam) and so all and how they view/see your CV and/or Cover Letter portrays you to them. They have a lot of CVs to check, they have other office work they do,so all they do is, they use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) this will help the filter weak and unprofessional CVs. Here are some “Tips to help you get past automated resume filters”


  • Use the same generic resume for every job.
  • Include a head shot on your resume.
  • Waste space on a resume objective statement
  • Overuse keywords in an unnatural way just to get noticed by the ATS. This is called “resume keyword stuffing” and hiring managers are trained to notice it.
  • Copy and paste the entire job description in white text to your resume to make it“ATS-optimized.” This is easily noticed.
  • Add skills you don’t actually have to your resume.
  • Rely on variations or different tenses of keyword found in the job description. Use exact matches when possible.
  • Get too creative with design (i.e., fancy fonts, tables, formats).
  • Submit your resume before spell-checking or having someone else review it.


  •  Ensure your resume is short and relevant. Some ATS calculate your match rate based on signal-to-noise ratio. Meaning, the more irrelevant text you have, the lower you’ll rank in the ATS. Less is more.
  • Remember that even if you have a personal connection through your network, your resume will typically need to be submitted to the company’s applicant tracking system for compliance reasons.
  • Choose common resume fonts like Cambria, Times New Roman, Garamond, Palatino, Calibri, and Helvetica.
  • Use the exact job title from the job description on your resume if possible. If you haven’t had the exact title, you can do this by tweaking a previous job title that had the same functions or using an introductory statement.
  • Opt for a career summary when including an introductory statement.
  • Include months and years in your work history (e.g. 11/2017, November 2017, Nov 2017)
  • List accomplishments on your resume instead of only job duties. Using measurable results in percentages, time, and money prove your value.
  • Use abbreviations and acronyms to account for all ATS searches [e.g., Certified Public Accountant (CPA)].
  • Ensure your resume converts well into plain text. Some companies have multiple ATS and HR systems. Copy and paste your resume into Notepad or TextEdit and format it neatly if it’s not readable.
  • Upload your resume in word (.doc, .docx) file formats instead of PDFs. Some ATS such as Jobvite cannot parse PDF files correctly, especially for tables.
  • Ensure your resume is short and relevant. Some ATS calculate your match rate based on signal-to-noise ratio. Meaning, the more irrelevant text you have, the lower you’ll rank in the ATS. Less is more.
  • Save your resume with a professional file name. Your first name, last name, and the position works great

I Hope this helps. Do all these and then you can smile to the interview.

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