5 Simple Business Models to Overcome Business Failures

This is a lesson on Business Model, where you ask yourself – How will I make money from all these?

There are many ways to make money in your business, but you need to define it, that way you know at what point exactly money is supposed to come from. A church gets money from offering and tithes, they also get money from donations and sales of books and DVDs, and those points are very important to the church process.

The first question investors will ask you when you sell them an idea to raise money is “how will it make money?”

They are asking; what is the Business Model? They want to know because that is a vital part of the business process. There are so many ways you can make money from your business ideas.🔥But today I want to show you the top 5 that is trending these days.

In my EBook, I’ll be showing you more than 20 ways you can make money from your ideas make sure you Join get the EBook, come January 2019.

So let’s dive into it ✈🏍🚘

1. Freemium Model

This is a business model when you offer free basic version of your product to people to use for free. This is usually done to attract attachment to the product, then when you are hooked you are asked to upgrade to advanced features to use full features. Like DSTV has free to view channels and when you want more you pay for it

2. Advert Model

You can decide to offer your product for free or very cheap to your users or customers, but generates revenue from adverts. This is very common among online Newspapers, TV, Google, Facebook, Blogs, etc.

3. Subscription Model

This is where you get paid over and over for rendering a particular service or delivering a particular products monthly, weekly, quarterly or yearly. Like DSTV is monthly subscription service, Iroko TV is yearly subscription service, etc.

Some company supply you with fresh food weekly 

Some supply fresh meat monthly

Some fashion house send you package of clothes monthly, some every quarter

Very refreshing💃🕺way to maintain your cash flow. This is the best trendy model in town now

4. Information Products Model

This is when you provide users or customers with products in digital formats like Ebooks, courses, DVD audios, magazines, etc. and they pay you before you deliver the product, all online. This is also very lucrative this period and has made the highest millionaires in the world currently.

5. DFY Model

This is when you complete a task for your clients or user. You help them with their various specific task, more like a professional services. This can be helping them with their Tax issues, their marketing issues, it could be any problem. They pay you after you have done the job. It’s called “Done For You” model.

I have a lot of them to share with you and I will give you companies that are making it with these models.

If you ask me, I will say start with any of these 5 models, they are easy to start with and also very lucrative.


I’m going to tie things up now……then give you the opportunity to get my EBook (Come January 2019)

Let’s look at that basic framework again:

1. Find a hungry group of people

2. Find what specific problem they have

3. Find a solution for that problem

4. Sell it to them

This simple model forms the guts of everything I do in my business.

Sure, when you’re starting out moving from one stage to another, tying all these together can seem somewhat overwhelming and advanced to a rookie. It shouldn’t be. The core of the model is simple;

1.         You need a starving crowd

2.         Then the ability to find what they desperately want

3.         Then sell it to them

What makes this framework so powerful is its flexibility and simplicity.

I could end here and keep these things to myself and still enjoy my business

No!! Not Me.!! I believe there is more for everyone. We need a critical mass of people to deliver this country from poverty.

I am interested in beginning a potential long term relationship with you, business wise.

I’ve used this initial Platform to establish what I can bring to the table. I did that by demonstrating VALUE…not shoving an offer down your throat.

I’ve developed an advanced strategy which makes all these process easy and simple to do

When I decide to enter any market, I have hidden formulas, skills and strategy I use that delivers value … the results I achieve are almost always extraordinary. (Thanks to God and My Mentor)

I’ve seen the light in these matters and have helped a few others do the same.

The strategy I’ve developed to create Hot Tiny Businesses that goes on to make a lot of money in a year… I teach this stuff among people who can pay me very well for my time and information in a 6-week training program. (Whatsapp Classes and Physical Trainings)

Sadly it’s not something I can easily detail here now. But what I’ve said above is the gist of it. Don’t get hung up with the details. I’ve mentioned a few things across my discussions in my Posts so far, that should have your mind racing.

“My goal is to “reframe” some of your reality about how to go about building a tiny money making asset for the long term.” To give you some perspective.

When asked, what single event was the most helpful to him in developing the theory of relativity? — Albert Einstein is reported to have answered: 👇👇👇

“Figuring out how to think about the problem.”

That right word there is one of the reasons why I wrote this training for you. 

Half the battle is having a deeper understanding of what needs to be done — and why! I’ve sprinkled a number of gems within what I’ve written so far in my posts. 

Read and reread these posts a few times and let everything I’ve said, sink in.🙏

I want to take some people into my reality and practical of how I build my Tiny Businesses, and how to overcome employments failures. Who are those? Those who purchase my EBook come January 2019. There is Juicy offer as regards my EBook, you will see it in my next post.

Take care.

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