6 Rules of Successful Networking in Order to Get a Job Fast

Before applying these rules you should be aware that most jobs gets filled up before they are advertised. In order to find jobs before they are advertised, you need to understand how jobs become available. There are four major major stages in a job opening


There is no job opening now. However, should an offer become available at any time in the future, persons who are already known to the employer will be considered before all others.


No formal opening exists, but one or more insiders know of a possibility. It could be the result of an increase in business, an observation that someone is not doing well on the job, or an employee is looking for another job.


A formal opening now exists, but it has not been advertised. The job is open but it may be days or weeks before the job is advertised or the personnel office is informed.


The job opening is advertised. As time goes by and a job does not get filled, it might be advertised on the newspaper, a sign hung in the window, an employment service notified, social media, or some actions taken to make the opening known to the general public. If the job is reasonably desirable, a thundering horde of job seekers will now come after it.

The above are the stages of a job opening. To actively conduct a job search, its advisable to search via the non-traditional job search method rather than the traditional job search method. Begin by defining groups of people you know. Develop a network of people you know.

Below are the six basic rules of successful networking you need to follow in order to get a job fast;

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

  1. Get Started: talk to friends, relatives and acquaintances and schedule a time to meet with them.
  2. Present  yourself well to anyone you meet.
  3. Learn something from everyone you talk to.
  4. Get two referrals from each person you talk to: Ask questions like this; “do you know of anyone who might have an opening for a person with my skills?” if no, then, “do you know of anyone else who might know of someone who would?” if still no, then “do you know someone who knows a lot of people?”
  5. Follow up on referrals.
  6. Send a “thank you” note to any one you talk to.

Get this, people appreciate the word “Thank You”

Call an organization and ask for an interview. You can as well go ahead to an organization and ask them for an interview. Be Bold! ask to see the manager or the person in charge.

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