How to Start a Tiny Little Business with Little or No Cost From the Scratch

Hi Guys,

Starting from today, am going to give you a 7-Part Discussion/Motivation/Secret for Free. In this discussion, I will give you specific usable, 1-2-3 Business strategies that you can apply to 

1. Start a profitable business

2. Validate your product or service

3. Get a business idea that will make you money

4. How to create a simple marketing strategy to bring in customers and sell to them and make them come again and again

I like deadlines

Without it, life is meaningless

What I want to show you is massive, if you can implement it, you will make serious money. I want to show you how to from scratch with no money, even nobody and no sponsor

Listen tome carefully…There is a misconception out there that business is easy.

Everyone wants to be his own boss. Don’t be fooled, it’s difficult, in fact very difficult. That is why you see many brilliant people still working 8-10pm for a guaranteed N500k, Than to go out there and not know what to get tomorrow.

It’s a serious thing.

It’s being proven that 80% of every business fails in their first year the rest 20% of the surviving ones fails before their third year.

Doing business is not opening a shop – anyone can do that

Doing business is not supplying bags and shoes – anyone can do that

Doing business is not posting on social media that you sell shoes – anyone can do that

Doing business is not saying you invest in Bitcoin – anyone can do that

Doing business is not investing 100k and you get N400k in 30 days – MMM style -anyone can do that

So What Is A Business? “A Business is a system built to provide value to a lot of people and make a profit in the process on autopilot.” Either you are there or not,You are sleeping or in the village. I make money when am sleeping,when am sick in the hospital. (That’s how it should be)

That is the purpose of a business.

It’s built to make money hands free.

It is possible for you to build up to 6 businesses making a total between N70m to N80m yearly all on autopilot and I want to show you how u can do it so you can copy my exact system and duplicate it. (Kos I have started mine)

I like real estate a lot.

So every year I will make sure I buy some properties to invest on. (My personal plan though) That is a good way to multiply your money. (After you have started from the scratch o)

Now, what is your own dream?

Do you want cars, houses, good life for your children, parents?

Whatever is it, you can fulfill it.

Your salary can never be enough it was design that way- not to be enough- that is why it’s called salary – you spend it before you earn it. (Hope you agree)

There are systems that can help u build profitable businesses. It was revealed to me and I have decided to reveal it here. Because it’s very lucrative and very rewarding.

I must say this: this system took more than 10 years to finally fine-tune it to work.(Revealed) It had lots of trail and errors. It wasn’t discovered on time until some few years back.

Why do I want to show you?

Becos,you were patient enough to read down here, and I know one of the purpose of upgrading your career is to make better money so I decided why not reveal it to you?

But let me quickly add this – Business is not made for lazy people. You must be ready to work. But, are you not already working hard with your current company? (For those working)

Yet you get peanuts as salary? (Even Me). So why not find 2-4 hours daily or weekend and start something useful for yourself so that in 2019, you too can be smiling to the bank.

I like things that are specific.

I like things that are proven

I like things that are measurable

I like things that have time lines

I like things that are achievable

If you follow me I will show you what my mentor showed me that changed my Mind-set. Are you ready?

Let’s dive in…


I have a system that I follow to set up businesses. 6 out of 10 Business that I started following this system have all successfully profitable

I’ve business in 


-Fashion (about to start)



-Health (about to start)

-Relationship (about to start)

It’s predictable

It’s proven

Its tested

It’s profitable

It’s replicate-able

My system consist of 5 Modules

1. MODULE ONE – An Idea Generating system

2. MODULE TWO – A Product Creation system

3. MODULE THREE – A Sales Funnel System

4. MODULE FOUR – A Lead Generation system

5. MODULE FIVE – A Back-end system 

I will start with the Module One in the next discussion

But first there are 12 big mistakes you need to be aware of. I see lot of people who want to start a business and fall into these traps that is why their business dies before 2 years. 

I will just show you 4 of them in this post.

Later on will give you the rest.


I find this amusing. Some people see that people are selling food and it’s moving,they want to sell food. They see its Uber that is moving now, they want to enter into Uber business. They see, that its poultry that is moving, they want to enter poultry Biz. They see its cat fish that is selling now, they want to enter too

They don’t know the story behind those people they see that seems to be doing well.I am a consultant to some businesses and I have done that for some time now. What I will say it that; not all that glitters is gold. Some of these people took heavy loans. Some spent years of trial and errors. Some lost heavily and just trying to survive. But nobody will tell you this, because human being we want to make people feel we are doing well. That we too are making it – even when we are dying inside Don’t make this mistake please.


Never ever borrow money to start a Business. It’s suicidal

You can borrow money to grow an already succeeding business

You can borrow money to learn a business or get training

But not to start a business.

Because the chances that it will fail is almost 100% sure, plus you will be under pressure and pressure is not good for business.

Hope that is clear?

Don’t follow what everyone one is doing, or you will go broke.

You need to zap when they zip. If the crowd knows how to do it, everyone will be a millionaire.

There is a system in business that makes people do well, that is what I want to teach/discuss with you if you allow me.

MISTAKE 2:        

They spend money in setting up a Business without having at least 5 customers that is already buying from them. This mistake is the number one business killer and I see people repeating it every day. Why will you spend money to go rent a shop, Spend money to go buy equipment, Spend money to invest in setting up a business when you have not proven the business? It’s madness.

Let me explain.

Selling is part of business, it’s not the only thing that makes up business, but it’s the koko of business – no sales, no business. Right? Good!!!.

So what you need to do first is to sell first before you set up.

Did you get that?


Start selling from where you are. Prove the idea first. Not just to your friends or family members, let people around you keep asking you for that thing and be willing to pay for it.

Make sure you have clients.

As a barber, get clients first.

As a Tailor get your own clients first

As a teacher proof yourself first.

Use your house as a start-up, so when the business fails, there is no too much loss attached.

You might be asking, how do I do this Deji?

Follow me, I will show you what my mentor taught me


People trying to sell what people NEED instead of selling what people WANT. Let’s me ask you a question, 

If Channels TV News says by 10pm Tomorrow, The government of Buhari will provide FREE scholarship to young men between ages 18- 25yrs the details will be on TV 


REAL Madrid FC VS Barcelona FC match is going on same time 10pm same day on Wazobia TV.

Which channel do you think these young men will watch?

Yes! You guess right the El-Classico Match

But which of them do they really NEED in their life now? Channel News info, right? But which one do they WANT to see right now? REAL Madrid FC vs Barcelona FC match.


It appeal to them, it makes them seem knowledgeable among peers when debating after the game the next day it makes them feel special seeing their idols, Messi and Christiano Ronaldo (now in Juventus) doing great things. They don’t want to look like a sisi when other guys are watching football, they are watching one dead news station with their sisters or whoever

 So many reasons…..Even if they are the wrong reason to you. To them, that is the right reason and what they want at that time

 Your Job as an entrepreneur is to give them what they WANT if you want to make money. Use what they want to create value for them, they will worship you and become your fan for life!

Men don’t buy clippers becos they want to cut their hair, we buy it to look presentable, we buy it, to look smart and cool, we buy it to impress our ladies. We don’t need clippers to cut their hairs – scissors and razor will do that.

But to sell as a business man you must know what people really want – their selfish and hidden desires. The purpose of Business is for giving VALUE to make profit.

In my earlier definition we said “A Business is a system built to provide value to a lot of people and make a profit in the process on autopilot.” There are 5 things in that definition you need to note:

1. A system

2. Create value

3. Lots of people

3. Profit

4. Autopilot

If one is missing, it’s no more a business.

If you only create value without making a profit – that is a charitable organization,an NGO

If you are making profit without adding value – that is a scam

If it’s not a system – it’s not predictable and hence sustainable

If it does not involve lots of people – it will fail very soon

If it’s not autopilot – it’s just another job with more responsibility and no guaranteed pay


People looking for what business to do, or looking for a Business idea instead of looking for a hungry market 

This is the worst of all.

I hear people saying they don’t know which business to do

Excuse me

I have 30 businesses that I have but no time (it’s one of the Cheat-sheet I will give you in the free pack

Some people say, I don’t have any idea. It’s because you are looking at the wrong thing. If you look at the right thing, you will have millions of ideas that will be profitable.

Don’t do this shit – Writing business plan. Please don’t

“Business plans is for people who wants to go and get loans or look for investors.”

You are not ready for that, you want to self-fund yourself from scratch. Don’t look for an idea, instead look for a hungry market

What is that?

That is what I specialize in – How to find hungry markets and turn them into profitable businesses.

In the next discussion which I will send in after this has been digested and clarified,

I will show you the 3 steps I was taught to take to find hungry markets and How I discovered it.

Don’t miss it.

Ayodeji O. Faleto


Start-up Coach

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