How to sell your Product or Service using the “Pastor’s Principle”

Someone asked me this question yesterday; “Deji, How do I sell my products to the people who want to buy them since I don’t know how to sell”? Now Listen;

I always tell my students in my consulting class that: “The most valuable skill you will ever learn to become Independent in today’s world is the ability to sell.” and fortunately, selling is just a skill that can be learned just like learning how to use a computer or driving a car.

There are 3phases of Micro Business👇👇👇

If your Business is doing below N12,000,000 turnover per year you’re in phase One.

If your Company/Business is doing between N12,000,000 – N60,000,000 turnover per year you’re in phase two.

If your company/Biz is doing between N60,000,000 – and Above turnover per year you’re in phase three.

Each Phase requires a KEY to succeed.

PHASE ONE KEY: Aggressive Marketing is the key to business success at this level

PHASE TWO KEY: Effective Management is the key to Business success at this level

PHASE THREE KEY: Visionary Leadership is the Key to make your Business successful on a global level.

Of those three keys, the Easiest is PHASE ONE KEY

At this stage, you are the Alpha and Omega, you make all the decisions,your growth is dependent on YOU 100% At this stage you can earn N100k and be happy, you can earn N500k and still be happy, You can earn N10m and be happy. You don’t have issues with competition, you make do with what you have.

@Phase One
Branding is not your number one headache, not payment of salaries or overhead. Your No 1 problem at this stage is getting sales and plenty of them. You do all you can do to win customers, at this stage, Customer is King, but not in Phase 2 and 3. The beauty of these is that👇 ALL Businesses starts from Phase One.

Welcome to MARKETING

This is the key👆 you need as you Start-up.

Your Tiny Little Business needs food and milk to grow, that will be supplied by sales and cash flow and they only come through Marketing – “Aggressive Marketing”.

Every Mother knows how important the first 2 years in the life of a baby. It’s called the life or death stage. Your job is to supply your Baby (Business) the necessary food to grow – Paying Customers

Today, I will start a discussion on Marketing.👇👇👇

Marketing is Broad

It has Three (3) broad umbrellas

1. Your message

2. Your Communication

3. Your Lead Generation

One of the Management Gurus, Peter Drucker once said👇

“The aim of marketing is to KNOW and UNDERSTAND the customer so well, that the product and services FIT him” It means, If you do your marketing so well, the customers will be asking you for the product instead of you selling it to them.

Marketing is not sales. (Take Note Please)

Let’s assume we are in a relationship, Marketing is the Attraction and Romance game before we say I DO. It’s like Love before Marriage. SALES is compared to Marriage. All that happens before Marriage is Marketing. If the marriage is sweet, the Romance will continue, if not, everyone will part ways – customers goes away and never comes back.


Let me quickly explain a simple process that you can use to sell any product you create or sell in your business even if you have never sold anything online before.

Before you sell anything, you need to ask yourself this set of questions:👇

1 What am I selling?
2 Who am I selling it to?
3 How and where can I find people who are most likely to buy this product?
4 Why would they want to buy it?
5 What can I use to attract them?
6 What do I say to persuade them that this product will work for them?
7 How can they order?

Let me explain better:

So, lets’ say you decided to sell a product on removing skin blemishes and spots for instance. You get a good product that works to clear such spots, let’s say from a supplier you get it for N4,000. You can sell it for N15,000. And you don’t have to buy it before you sell it. You can sell it, get the money from the customer and use the money to buy it from the supplier and send to the customer and you pocket your profits.

👆Sweeeeet…🍇 Right?

See, you can finish reading this training and forget about this. Next month you will still have what you have now but the next time you are complaining about not having enough money or knowing what business to do for more income to drive your dreams or to settle your bills, just know that you are the cause.

Let’s move on.

So, using the questions above, lets’ try to sell this product that removes skin blemishes and spots:

1. What am I Selling?

 Well, you are not just selling a product that removes skin blemishes and spots. You are selling a product that allows women to look more beautiful, makes them sexier, more comfortable in their own skin and a product that boosts their self-esteem.Your job is to find out what your target customers wants? What do they crave for when they are looking for solutions? You can also get information about these solutions and sell it as digital products too. So u must know the problem your product solves. The inner desires your products provides.

2. Who am I Selling It To?

This might require you to do a little research online but the truth is that most women have specific spots and blemishes that they will like to remove. But we also want women who are desperate about this and who have money to spend. So, women who are very careful about their appearance would probably respond more to this.

So from your research you are looking for people who NEED this product most.

There is a way I do research using Available Tools that makes this easy.

So create an Avatar and find all about this person;

  • She is 27 years old
  • Lives in Gbagada
  • Works at VI
  • Earns N280K as Salary
  • Engaged to her best friend and will be getting married August 2019
  • Always shy of her body when with her man because of some skin coloration, stretchmarks and acne
  • She is always online, she owns an iPhone and Samsung phones.
  • Her name is Mirabel.

When you do your research, you should be so specific like above👆, so when you are crafting your marketing messages you will be so specific and talk to Mirabel’s inner cravings

Remember Mirabel is a representative of the 100 million ladies in Nigeria like her. “Until you talk to one, you talk to no One”


3. How and where can I find people who are most likely to buy this Product? – Ladies that fit Mirabel’s description?

I do most of my selling online and it works like crazy and I believe you should do the same. Bill Gate said something in 2011. “Any Business that is not online in 2015 will be forgotten”now we are in 2018 moving to 2019.

You find the type of people who are most likely to buy what you are selling by thinking of the answer to the previous questions which in this case are – Women who pay a lot of attention to their appearance. So, where can you find such women online? Well, one simple answer is that you will find them browsing through sites on fashion or blogs where they can get the latest gossips, in town etc.

In Nigeria, those are sites like, BellaNaija etc. You will also find them on general sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and on general news sites that everyone goes to like – Punch, This Day etc. They are online not thinking of their problem, just doing normal browsing like everyone, Then if you can get their attention, they will leave what they are looking at to check you out.

4. Why Would They Want To Buy It?

Think about this if you are a woman. If you are not, ask a woman, but I have already answered this with the first question. The way to answer this question is to think about the END benefit why someone is buying a particular product.

Let’s look at weight loss for instance. People decide to lose weight for various reasons. For some men, it is because their sexual performance is becoming poor. For some women, it is because they are afraid that their husband won’t find them attractive anymore and will start looking at other ladies. Answering this question requires thinking and having good knowledge about your likely customer. This lady might not come to you easily, so you need to attract her. You need to lure her to your funnel. You must have a funnel in place, where everyone goes through a path. It’s like a Ladder.

5. What Can I Use To Attract Her?

“Her” in this case refers to the ladies who are most likely to buy what you are selling. Remember they will see my offer as one person, not as a group. Just like I sent this Discussion to so many people, but YOU are reading it alone in your office or at home, or school, or your corper’s lodge, or even inside a moving vehicle, and I am talking to you as one person not as a group, yet am making sense to everyone reading this discussion at the same time. Then you offer her a bait to solve the problem. Make sure the bait is working to get her into your funnel. Example for the Facebook lady, I can write a 5 page eBook on👇👇

“3 model secrets every lady over 26 should know, about erasing those ugly skin spots and blemishes that makes you shy when you’re with your man”

I will tell her to download it for free. (You see?)

That way she enters my world and by so doing I show her my expertise in helping her solve her problem. Because people buy from people they like, know and trust. Her level of trust for me grows as I give her things to help her for free or a token

This is the Pastor’s Principle.

He gives you sermon and prays for you first before he asks for the offering. Later you come back voluntarily to sow seeds (can you see?)


6. You need to persuade her that you have what she want

When they click through from your advert that attracted them, they will land on your website which is where you will be able to persuade them to buy the product you are promoting and tell them how to order for it. So,what do you say on your website to persuade them? It is simple.👇

Do a little research about the product you are selling.

• What is it made of?
• How does it work?
• Testimonies and feedback from people who have used it before?
• Why is it different from other products been sold in the market?
• Any demonstration if possible?
• Is this website even real?

The answers you give to these questions will help you put together a sales letter that will help you turn those visitors into customers.

Of course, not everyone will buy immediately but you will be able to follow them up using Email Marketing or Re-Marketing. People like to Buy but don’t like to be sold to.

Let her ask you for one.

 Your job is to lead her

People like to be led.

People don’t like to keep money around – They want to spend it, your job is to make them spend it on something that will make them smile.

7. How Can She Order?

Once you have created a compelling case of why someone should order for what you are promoting, then it is time to give them –detailed instructions on how they can order and make it simple for them. One strategy you can use is to tell them that, they can pay only after the product has been delivered. That will automatically remove people’s fears of getting scammed and you will get a lot of sales. But then, you should be careful with this approach or else, a lot of people will place orders without the intention to pay. And once you get a sales, all you have to do is send the product to the customer via any logistics company or they come pick it up from you, or u deliver the services wherever you choose. Now, this is just a tiny part of the whole game.

It’s actually deeper than what you have been reading since

In my soon to be launched E Book, I am going to show you more on how to do this step by step. I’ll stop here today. Hold on to your hearts as you await my book

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