Simple Ways to Make Money From Whatsapp

When Whatsapp comes to mind, the first thing we imagine is a world immersed in radiant status upload, chats and #tags that are breath-taking. We go to the social media to express ourselves and show how much fun we are having, but the problem is that we rarely think about how we can turn the social media to some more money. The exciting part is that you can make money, remain famous and still have fun.

Someone just asked me how?

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Here are simple but huge ways to make money from Whatsapp.


As you know, Facebook bought Whatsapp some years ago. Now Facebook has allowed content creators to make money by partnering with them on Facebook but this has not been extended to Whatsapp. But the truth is, people are becoming more and more engaged on Whatsapp than even on Facebook.  There is always a way for those who are determined. While Whatsapp does not provide direct way on how to make money with Whatsapp account, there are Whatsapp earning method that can be used.

If we viewed Whatsapp for what it is worth, we would start seeing the opportunities that abound. You can make money from Whatsapp for growing and managing Group Chats. Consider this a flip and sell deal.

You have to realize that there are many individuals and platforms out there that are looking for a means to connect with like minds of their problems, and many of those target groups use the social media; notably Whatsapp.

This money-making route demands you to be actively involved in the creation of Whatsapp Groups. You will have to be knowledgeable about creating viral posts on topics relating to the demand of your audience that pull people to follow you, join your group and stay. Here, the numbers of real and active members you have will determine the sale worthiness of your offer at the end of the day. Now listen, you don’t just bring them to the group and start selling, nobody will buy from you, they don’t even know you,they will call you scam even when you are not.

So what do you have to do?

Give them VALUE first, then you can now expect value from them. What do I mean? Allow me take instances from these set of businesses; Make up/Make overs, Confectioneries, E-Commerce (Shoes, Bags, Wrist Watches, Sandals, Belts, Cloths, etc). if any of these are what you do, find your audience, bring them together, give them free trainings on foundational knowledge of your product or service, make it look so big that they think you are stupid, develop personal relationship with them, etc, then drop an offer that will be irresistible and juicy for them at the end of the free training you have done for them about training just few people on deeper knowledge about your service, or that u are giving out your, say wrist watch, shoe for so so price, with your price tag (bring the price down) because your aim is to bring in as much as you can say 50-100 people. Imagine N1,000.00 or N1,500.00 or even N2,000.00 in 50 or 100 places, do the Maths. It worked for me, so it can as well for you!

So if you are good at creating and generating audience on Whatsapp groups, you are on for business. Grow and sell to them.


What becomes the tragedy of the story above is to have the wrong audience in your Whatsapp group or platform. This can frustrate you and lead to total shut down of the group. What I advise most of the times is for you to use what I tagged as the UYC marketing method on your Whatsapp platform.

What does this mean?

Use Your Contacts Method. This is one of the fastest ways to generate traffic on your page. Here, you should be careful the kind of people you even share to help you re broadcast. You yourself know the kind of person you are sharing to for re broadcast. So I advise you share to someone who is most likely in line with the platform you want to create. A good example is if you want to open a Christian/Bible study group, you know who to send to help you share, likewise football groups and so on and so forth. You can as well share to group chats on your platform, not forgetting to ask for permission from the group admin because you could be tagged a spammer and be removed. Remember to always share information or posts to relevant group chats.

Before I drop the pen, I have to emphasize that you could also earn and generate traffic from Whatsapp by promoting your group link on other social media platform (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). The idea here is getting very famous on and giving value that whatever you say, do or suggest becomes the standard, and you are on your way to the bank. (If the clients do not come for you, go for them and tell them how much influence you have that they can harness). Understand?

I expect questions and comment after reading this posts, because it’s actually deeper than this. Yes!!! It’s very deep. So please drop your questions and comments.

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