7 Most Failed Interview Questions and Answers

Hello guys, its been a while, i know majority of us would have been expecting posts from me since, yes! i had to take a break, I’ve been working on the Ebook Day and Night. But Yeaaaaaaaa!! am back with a solution to another common and recurring problem with Job seekers, graduates, Corpers and Students. Relax and read through.

Many potential employees find it hard to answer certain interview questions correctly basically because they are not well informed about the right way to answer these questions. below are some common interview questions and solutions


This question is a simple, common and straight forward question, but most graduates still find it hard to answer correctly, i advise people to answer like this:

“In time past, i was unable to meet set deadlines. However, several years ago, I developed a technique where I write down what I plan to accomplish every hour of everyday during the workweek and how I spend my time. over the years, I have noticed that my productivity has improved dramatically utilizing this method.

You’ve probably identified a weakens in anticipation of this question. a good answer that shows you have solved it can illustrate your problem-solving capabilities.


The second question is dicey, you should always be prepared for this question, or you’ll end up droning on and on. Make your answer short and sweet. Also, feel free to get clarification from the interviewer: any area you’d prefer to hear about? My education? Experience?

Generally, you want to tie your answer into a professional attribute or two. For example: “I work well with others,” “My strong organizational skills end up making me the leader in most projects I’m on,” or “I approach anything I do with gusto and put in 150 percent.” Or if you’re a great communicator, say so and state how that attribute has helped you in your career. It doesn’t have to be a difficult question if you think of it as, “Tell me something great about yourself.” But you should be prepared.


This is a hard one because you don’t want to undercut yourself, but you don’t want to price yourself out of range, Ideally, you should have done some research into the position and know what’s reasonable salary range, but you can also ask for more information: That’s a fair question. “To answer it properly, I’d need to know more about the position responsibilities and benefits package. I am quite confident that knowing the reputation of the company, when the time comes, any offer you make will be competitive.”


Here, you have to be very careful; because the employer is trying to play on your intelligence, especially when the person interviewing you is the HR Person of the company, they have diverse ways to eliminate and pick the best both in character, intellect and diplomacy.

Even if you think the interviewer belongs in the Clown Hall of Fame, don’t voice an ounce of criticism. You could say it’s been a tough interview (if it has), and that you hope you are providing enough information for the person to make an informed decision. You could toss this back at the interviewer and ask, “How well do you think I would fit the job?” But be careful—you might not like what the person has to say.


Here, they want to know if they (the company) are just an option or you really want to work for them. another thing that get me annoyed is when you are asked this question and you start narrating your family problem or telling the story of how you have been looking for jobs; NO!!!! that is not the right answer or reply. You can answer like this:

“I applied for this job because, this is the company I really want to work for, not because I needed a job. When someone comes to a company they really want to work for, they invest more of their energy and time into their career. You should choose me because I made this company my first choice.” You have successfully answered intelligently and diplomatically.


Now, the question about where do you see your self in five years, you have to be careful answering this question. This is also a hard one, because it’s difficult to predict the future. It is advisable to answer like this. “I am both purposeful and flexible so I never carve a path in stone. Instead, I try to be fully prepared to maximize any opportunity that comes my way.” With a warm smile on your face.


I am going to talk about this in details, why? because i read about it and it happened to me personally when i was in the interview room for my first job. Now concentrate, this questions comes last with the aim of confirming your intelligence and research and probably readiness to work.

Most graduates are so anxious to get the job, so once they see the advert online or in the news paper, they just attach their CV and cover letter and send to the email provided in the advert without checking, finding out what the company do, their competitors, the vision and mission, etc. when you do all these findings, you will successfully craft out possible questions for your interview showing the employer you really want to work for the company.

These are the questions I asked;

“How do you intend to by pass your competitors in this same industry, what are the plans?”

“In the last two years, what have been your challenges internally and how have you conquered them”?

These questions now turned the interview to a chat or let me call it a discussion, can you see? so please this is very important, find out about the company before jumping over for the interview

I hope this helps.

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