How To Make an Employer Beg You For His Job

Welcome and Congratulations for being part of the lucky viewers of this soon to be exposed secrets on how to make an employer beg you for his job.

what most job seekers do or work towards is how beg employers for job. This happens either directly or indirectly. what do i mean? having a below-standard preparations towards interviews be it CV writing, cover letters, networking, communication skills, dress sense, etc will at the end of the make you beg an employer to get the job, because you were not picked.

in this posts, i will expose what you need to do, to make even the employers beg you for their jobs, and you now decide the remuneration.


  1. After receiving an invite from the company: run fast to their website and go check the vision and mission (goals and objective), who they are. This will give you an overview of what they do and who their competitors are: it will further help you know their problems using the SWOT analysis and make sure you talk about this in the interview room, why? because the main reason they want to employ you is to solve problems. are you with me?
  2. Make sure you don’t appear or communicate feeling intimidated. do you know why? because they want to see a staff that can represent them well, win contracts for them, bring in sales and other profits among other competitors. So find your way to convert the interview to a chat.

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